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Three Ways To Get The Most From A Learning Platform This Summer

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The summer holidays are almost here – some schools may have already finished for the holidays – and no doubt you’ll be winding down to a long, well-deserved break. We’re sure the last thing you’ll be thinking about is setting new work for the children!

However, you can still keep them engaged in learning – and make sure they’re prepared for the autumn term – by setting them simple tasks over the summer. You can do this easily with a learning platform.

So, we’ve put together three ways to make the most of Learnanywhere over the summer holidays.


1. Set Them Games This summer has so far been a hot one – and children will probably be spending much of the holidays outside. But for those rainy days and evenings inside, get them playing the games available on Learnanywhere.

Learnanywhere comes complete with a selection of educational games. These are suitable for both KS1 and KS2 and include games like Opposites, where the child is presented with images and have to pair the opposites they see; Cauldron Questions, where a spooky cauldron asks the child multiple choice questions; and Rhyming Pairs, where the child has to match pictures of items that rhyme.

The score each child achieves when playing the games can then be collated in a scoreboard. With Learnanywhere’s built-in points system children can earn points from playing these games – you can give them special trophies or certificates too for taking part in learning exercises over the holidays!

Additionally, Learnanywhere can be purchased with Planet Sherston – which means even more games for children to try out, as they earn coins and buy clothes and other items for their Planet Sherston avatar!

If that’s not enough, you can incentivise the learning further by offering treats in September for the children with the most points earned.


2. Communicate With Them Learnanywhere gives you the opportunity to communicate with the children in your class through a messaging system. Send them messages via Learnanywhere asking what they have been doing in their holidays. You could get them to reply via the messaging system and set them a limit of, say, 100 words. Or, you could message them and ask them to tell you about one thing they have learnt about over the holidays.

Learnanywhere also allows you to post notices on their individual Learnanywhere log-ins – so, you could set a day and a time when you are going to message them, and also set a deadline for them to respond. Getting parents involved – who could access Learnanywhere at home with their child – also means more engagement between parent, school and the child’s learning, and helps you to police any work you set.


3. Tell Parents About Learnanywhere You don’t even have to set children work: If parents understand how rewarding using Learnanywhere can be, they’ll encourage their child to use it anyway. It may be worth contacting parents and giving them an overview of Learnanywhere’s features. If they’re ever stuck with what to do with their child over the holidays, they can always fall back on Learnanywhere!

For more information about Learnanywhere, and how your school and its pupils can benefit from a primary-specific learning platform, send us a message here, or watch our video about inspiring pupils with Learnanywhere here.


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